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Smash Repairs

From the very first moment that you have an accident, Northway Smash Repairs is there for you. By simply calling our toll free number, our efficient drivers will collect you & your vehicle on our tilt slider tow truck and bring you to our modern, well equipped workshop.

As technology advances through time, all vehicle manufacturers are constantly improving construction methods and updating materials. As a result of this, Northway Smash Repairs staff regularly undergo extensive training in the latest techniques and practices.

We believe that it should be more than just a repair, it is about making it look like the accident never happened and therefore we ensure that your vehicle is restored to its original factory specification and standard.

We have the capacity to carry out repairs on any make and model of commercial and passengers vehicles and are also well equipped to repair and paint trucks of all sizes (up to semi trailers)

Combined with our expert technicians, perfect body realignment and a faultless finish are guaranteed for every vehicle that passes through Northway

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